About Pure White Noise®

Effective White Noise Sound Recording Applications, Uses, Benefits and Solutions Since 1985

Pure White Noise® is an audio research and development company studying and recording white noise and its many applications, solutions and benefits to children and adults since 1985. As audio specialists, we combine the science of both sound and relaxation technology with the art of white noise to create superior audio solutions and sound files to successfully promote relaxation and sleep in babies, children and adults.

What does white noise sound like? To hear examples of each sound that we offer, just click on the 'hear a sample' link to listen to our free white noise sample downloads.  You'll hear for yourself the quality, authenticity of sound and pure soothing nature of our sound files that have made us so successful.

In addition, our proprietary white noise solutions are carefully calibrated to provide optimum sound masking benefits as well as offer help to those suffering with symptoms of Tinnitus, Ménière's Disease, Hyperacusis, ADD/ADHD and infants displaying the symptoms of Colic

For added convenience, our sounds are available in CD and mp3 download formats.

Our audio engineers, sound technicians and talented composers have developed white noise sounds, relaxation and sleep music, lullabies and nursery rhyme products that have been embraced and used by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased our specialty pure white noise sounds in the USA and worldwide.