Midnight Surf Ocean Waves

Midnight Surf Ocean Waves

A Masterpiece of Gentle Ocean Waves Sound (CD, Mp3) — No Music, No Voices or Birds - Just Luxurious Ocean Waves!

The Ultimate Ocean Waves Sounds Album ever recorded! There are a lot of “ocean sounds” albums out there, and frankly, most are very poorly recorded and produced. However, Midnight Surf Ocean waves CD and Mp3 is by far the most advanced and cutting-edge audio sleep product on the market today. We guarantee it is like nothing else you have ever heard before! (Click to listen to a Midnight Surf sound sample.) This is the ocean waves album that took three years to produce. So what makes Midnight Surf ocean waves sounds so special?

How Midnight Surf was recorded. The ocean wave sounds were recorded on four separate occasions during the winter months on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico. All four on-location recordings took place after midnight at the lowest tide. This is when the waves are long and slow and in their most luxurious state. Then, in our state-of-the-art recording/production studio, our skilled producers and engineers began to work their magic, selecting only the absolute best sounding waves. We then enriched each wave with just the right amount of the latest version of our Pure White Noise® to enhance the noise masking and sleep inducing properties. You will probably never notice it, but the Pure White Noise® sound is buried in the mix, working hard so you can gently fall asleep, stay asleep and awaken refreshed.

What? No beginning and no end? First-time ever “True Continuous Play”! This is the first of our albums ever to employ our cutting-edge state-of-the-art sonic technique we call “Fade Hiding” that eliminates the need for the fade-in and the fade-out previously required on all CDs and Mp3s to be played on consumer CD players. This feature avoids the fade-ins/fade-outs that can be annoyingly disruptive to falling asleep. What does the "Fade Hiding" feature mean for you? When you play the album and use the “Repeat” function on your player, you get constant, continuous, beautiful long slow luxurious ocean waves with no break or fades when the album repeats. You can play this potent sleep album all night long with no interruptions! This works even better on your iPod or favorite Mp3 player!

Midnight Surf ocean waves sound album is the perfect potent sleep solution for shift workers. Shift workers who need to sleep during the day will appreciate the powerful Pure White Noise® sound masking properties that block out the noise of daytime like children playing, traffic and even sounds in the home like TV’s. Fall asleep, stay asleep and awaken refreshed and revitalized with Midnight Surf Premium Sleep album by Pure White Noise®.

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Midnight Surf – 74 minutes  

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I LOVE the Midnight Surf ocean waves CD! I have a few of these type of ocean sounds CDs I use for getting to sleep. The Midnight Surf is the best ocean waves CD by far! Great sound and I like that there are no music or animals. Just ocean waves. Thanks for a great sleep tool and the fast shipping too.

Wally D.
Chicago, IL

Midnight Surf Ocean Waves


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