Calming Electric Fan

Calming Electric Fan

Enjoy the Soothing White Noise Benefits of a Real Running Electric Window Fan Sound All Year Long!

For sleeping, there's nothing like the ultimate Fan mp3 download or CD! Let the gently purring hum sound of an electric fan noise lull you to sleep without actually running a fan! Sounds of a window fan is an exceptionally effective white noise sound to fall asleep by in any season of the year. When you run our Fan CD or mp3 download in the background, get all the white noise benefits of the soothing Calming Electric Fan, plus a touch of 100% pure white noise added in digitally. The box fan noise sound of Calming Electric Fan is available in convenient CD and MP3 download formats that will play all night long if you wish…all without the chilling breeze blowing on you.

This fan sound doesn't just sound like a fan; it is a recording of a real fan! There are no fan sound effects or other sound gimmicks here. Our Calming Electric Fan sound captures the sound an actual running fan, which have digitally remastered to optimize its white noise benefits.

Colicky babies will love the Calming Electric Fan CD or MP3 sound. Mom and Dad will love not only the fan sound but also the safety and convenience! The constant purr of the Calming Electric Fan is great for comforting colicky babies. Parents will love the fact they can enjoy the benefits of the fan purr with out having the danger of rotating blades in the baby’s room. Plus, they can control the volume, tone and how long the CD or MP3 plays.

No need to run your fan all winter or buy an expensive fan noise maker to obtain the sound of a fan. Our Fan CD and Fan MP3 provide the ideal running fan white noise sounds you're looking for, affordably priced. And Calming Electric Fan Mp3 download is perfect to download onto your iPod or Mp3 player to take with you when you travel.

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Calming Electric Fan - 74 Minutes
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I just thought I'd drop you a line from the damp climes of Nottingham, England, to say that I'm currently sitting at my desk, very much enjoying listening to the Electric Fan CD that I received this morning and feeling altogether much more chilled out than I did yesterday.

Jonathon L.
Nottingham, England

Calming Electric Fan


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