Sea of Serenity Ocean Sounds with Music

Sea of Serenity Ocean Sounds with Music

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Best-Selling Ocean Music CD, Mp3: Soothing Authentic Sea Sounds Plus Lush Instrumental Ocean Waves Music for Sleep, Relaxation, Meditation

Ocean waves, lush music: that's Sea of Serenity, one of our best-selling ocean music sounds that provides sleeping music for a good night's rest, offers doctor-recommended and doctor-approved nature ocean music for stress reduction, relaxation and insomnia. Once you listen to this ocean waves music, you'll know why Sea of Serenity is one of our best sellers.  Nicknamed "ocean music," Sea of Serenity combines beautiful relaxing tones, rich ocean music, pure white noise® and real ocean waves on the beach mixed into a nature ocean music sound experience you'll treasure.

Nature's sounds of the ocean combined with music is ideal for melting away the stress and cares of the day. Let the lush pure sea sounds of Sea of Serenity plus the soothing instrumental music that complement the ocean waves sounds transport you to another place for relaxation, stress relief and help falling to sleep.

Ocean music that's quite effective for relaxation and sleep therapy. Use your CD player's "repeat" function to benefit from this soothing audio therapy sound all night long. And Sea of Serenity is the perfect ocean music to download onto your iPod or Mp3 player to take with you to relax and help you sleep when you travel.

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Sea of Serenity - 61 minutes

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I simply adore listening to  *Sea of Serenity* -- with the tranquil waves rolling on to the shores as gulls periodically cry in the backgroud entwined with supberb digital music/white noise, I so much look forward to receiving and listening to *Restful Rain.*  It will enhance the rainy weather outside while blocking out lots of background noise. :)

I will highly recommend your CDs to everyone and let them know of your outstanding customer service.


Margaret D.

Oakland, CA

Sea of Serenity Ocean Sounds with Music


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