Rain on a Tin Roof

Rain on a Tin Roof

Rain on a Tin Roof  features the sound of rain falling on a roof — a wonderfully nostalgic, comforting rain on roof sound to help you relax and sleep.  Let the sound of Rain on a Tin Roof take you back to a favorite time and place when your cares were few, and you snuggled into your bed for an oh-so-cozy night’s sleep while it was raining outside!

No rain sound effects in Rain on a Tin Roof — it's a recording of real rain falling on a tin roof!  In this rain audio CD and mp3 download, we’ve captured the comforting rising and falling patter of rain falling on a tin roof. This soothing sound creates a truly calming mood to help adults and children alike relax and gently fall asleep.

The audio of rain in Rain on a Tin Roof blocks noises to create a “quieter” environment. In addition to sleep, the sound of Rain On A Tin Roof is remarkably effective at blocking out noise for both sleep and sound masking. By blending in just the right touch of our Pure White Noise®, this sound combination is ideal for people who need to mask annoying background sounds, such as traffic sounds and noisy neighbors, to help them sleep. In fact, it’s a perfect solution for night shift workers, who need to mask outside daytime noises to help fall into a natural, restful sleep. The Rain On A Roof  Mp3 is perfect to download to your iPod or Mp3 player to take with you when you are traveling also to help you sleep in noisy hotels.

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Rain on a Tin Roof - 74 minutes
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The Rain on a Tin Roof CD is awesome! Best CD I own hands down. It reminds me of my summer vacations at camp with the summer rain falling on the metal roof in our cabin. That was really great sleeping. Now I can recreate that experience again. I am impressed. Very well done!

Jackson M.
Andrews, TX

Rain on a Tin Roof


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