Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook

Babbling Brook CD and MP3 download bring you the soothing flowing water sound of a babbling brook.  Nothing is so calming as the sound of gently moving water, such as a stream, creek, brook or river. In Babbling Brook, we’ve captured the true babbling brook sound of water flowing over rocks and subtly mixed in our Pure White Noise®, creating a gurgling water sound that’s perfect for adults and children of all ages who want to relax, reduce stress and sleep. This soft, bubbly babbling creek sound is 'music to one's ears' as it masks annoying noises well, and gently soothes colicky or fussy babies.

Babbling Brook CD and MP3 offer a water sound that's a perfect background of soothing sound for meditation, prayer, massages or even the office. Bask in the sound of a gentle babbling brook as it spills and tumbles its way over the rocks and winds its way through the forest. One of the most pleasing and relaxing sounds Mother Nature has given to us to enjoy. Play this CD or download the MP3 to bathe your environment with rich yet subtle sound for meditation, prayer, massages or even to bring some peace to a busy office.

This babbling stream sound is a perfect non-drug sleep aid to help you fall asleep. Ideal for both adults and babies, our no-loop Babbling Brook CD and MP3 played at naptime and bedtime helps promote relaxation and sleep. And Babbling Brook is perfect to download onto your iPod or Mp3 player to take with you when you travel.

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Babbling Brook - 74 minutes in Compact Disk (CD) and Mp3 Download formats
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I work in a big room with 23 other cubicles. The voices and noise all around me makes it all most impossible to concentrate. I play my Babbling Brook CD and it's like I am the only one here. It is devine for blocking out the voices and noise so I can concentrate. I have purchased quite a few nature type CDs and yours are by far the best sounding and best for blocking out sounds. Please add me to your mailing list.

Melanie O.
Allentown, PA

Babbling Brook


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