Distant Thunderstorm

Distant Thunderstorm

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Sounds of Thunder and Rain Storm: Distant Thunderstorm CD, Mp3 Features Comforting Combination of Thunder, Rain and White Noise Sounds

Distant Thunderstorm is a gentle thunderstorm CD and mp3 download featuring sounds of thunder in the distance accompanied by a soothing rain sound tunes out snoring and blocks out reverberating car boom boxes so you can fall asleep.  Don't let deep bass tones, such as the drone of someone snoring or the booming thumps of a drum beat, keep you from falling asleep!  Recorded with real thunder sound, our Distant Thunderstorm compact disk (CD) or MP3 sound helps you effectively mask bothersome low tone sounds like snoring or annoying boom box bass tones.
Distant Thunderstorm captures the sound of a real thunderstorm; there's no fake thunder or rain sound effect at all! Don't be fooled by other imitation thunder sound effect recordings.  Our thunder and rain sounds are the real thing!
Distant Thunderstorm features a heavy dose of low tone sound masking, embedded in a beautiful sound mix of white noise and the rain and thunder of a real thunderstorm off in the distance.  Take advantage of this album's thunder sound masking qualities any time, anywhere. For best results, place the thunder CD player speaker between you and the source of the bothersome noise.
Helps you relax and reduce stress. Bring the calming, far-off sounds of Mother Nature's rumbling thunderstorm into your environment to create a subdued yet relaxing atmosphere. And Distant Thunderstorm is perfect to download onto your iPod or Mp3 player to take with you when you travel for sleep and noise masking on the road.
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Distant Thunderstorm - 63 minutes
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I live in New York City in a pre-code building and that means lots of noise from my upstairs neighbors. They stomp around at all hours of the day and night so I was unable to get a good night's sleep when I first moved in. But, thanks to your Distant Thunderstorm CD, I can fall asleep easily and I no longer wake up in the early morning hours because of the noise upstairs. I also put it on my MP3 player so I can take it with me when I travel, so whether I'm visiting early risers or night owls, I can still get a good night's sleep. Thank you, Pure White Noise!

Judy R.
New York, NY

Distant Thunderstorm


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