Restful Rain

Restful Rain

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Calming, Soothing Rain Sound Download and CD

The sound of rain in Restful Rain is one of our most beautiful and effective rain sounds CD and Mp3 for sleep and relaxation.  Our customers love the sound of rain noise!  This rain sound is quite relaxing and soothing to melt away your stressful day and help you relax and get to sleep.  Listen to the sounds of a gentle rain fall mixed with the perfect amount of pure white noise® for a truly relaxing tranquil experience.
The sound of our Restful Rain calms and soothes crying, fussy babies and helps ease colic symptoms.  Babies settle down and relax with this soothing rain sound.  Restful Rain is a potent stress reducer for Mom and Dad, too.
Restful Rain CD and Download: the perfect non-drug sleep aid to help you fall asleep, especially if you're restless.  Play Restful Rain at bedtime and drift off to a very peaceful and mellow place with steady rain sounds in the background to alleviate insomnia and sleeplessness. Make sure to load your laptop and iPod with this favorite natural rain sound to take with you to block noise and help you sleep when you travel.
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Restful Rain - 73 minutes
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We recently bought the Restful Rain disc from your website to help my wife sleep since she is a very light sleeper. It works like a charm and my wife gets the sleep needed to function properly. Our whole family thanks you because like they say "When Mama's happy everybody's happy!" I'll be buying more of your discs for her upcoming birthday.

Karl J.
Dothan, AL

Restful Rain


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